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Sunday July 9th, 1pm
CAD East

Sidra has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Her experience in yoga opened her eyes to pranayama breathing, inward focus and sensory shifts. Yoga helped her notice connections between her emotions and her body. She became aware of subtle effects such as the effects of anxiety on balance.

For Sidra, these were some of the concepts that tied everything together. “I felt as though a light was turned on in my heart.” Sidra became a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Her commitment to cultivating inner peace speaks through her style of teaching. She believes that connecting breath to movement can lead to inner peace.


Class style:
Hatha/ Vinyasa Flow. The practice of asanas (physical and meditative postures), as well as linking breath to movement for the cultivation of inner peace.

Sunday July 9th, 1pm

Chicago Art Department
1932 South Halsted #100


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