Stomping Grounds
Friday Sept 1st, 5-9pm


Hosted by Free Write Arts & Literacy in collaboration with Kuumba Lynx and Elephant Rebellion. Stomping Grounds is a free monthly open stage for youth to develop performance and exhibition skills while connecting to the Chicago creative community.

Sign up to perform here:

Musical Feature: Freddie Old Soul

“She be queen, creating with responsibility as a messenger. bringing water to the war”. Freddie Old Soul, is more interested in staying true to herself, unlike her peers who often chase beats and trends. In her lyrics, Harris aims to translate her own life experiences — her loves, and triumphs and struggles — into digestible songs that can reach a broader audience. Thus far, her strategy seems to be working.

But this was not always the case. She began as a poet, picking up the medium while in school. The transition from poetry to rap was near-seamless. Harris believes that the two art forms are “the same thing” in that they are both rooted in manifesting grander ideas of personal expression through words.

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