Bernie Bluestein @The 23rd Atmosphere Group Gallery

I met Bernie at the opening of this show, and was struck by his needle series, then discovered the rest of his work in a 2nd group of work, not realizing it was more work by the same artist. His sculptural work was mixed with screen printing, drawings, wood carvings, even a painting that Bernie made of his mother in 1947. Bernie showed me a sketchbook that he carried with him during World War II, full of pencil and ink drawings. His work is impressive in its variety, powerful in its touch, and at times comedic.High level execution and easy to look at. After meeting him, you can see where the art comes from. A wooden headboard with carved naked female figures seems classical at first until you notice the  naked body and bum of a single male figure. The only male figure in the piece is wearing nothing but a round hat, distinctly the same hat Bernie himself is wearing only ten feel away, where he sits in the gallery and talks to art enthusiasts. Playful, a nice surprise, much like the show itself.

Bernie Bluestein: A Retrospective is due to be up through March 9, 2012. Contact The 23rd Atmosphere Group Gallery for appointment hours or to connect with Bernie Bluestein.

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