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Fri October 28th, 7-11pm
CAD West

AMFM and Thank You Very Much are putting together a Halloween 90’s comedy variety show! Come dressed up as your favorite 90s icon, or come as you are for a laugh, dance, eat, and drink. BYOB friendly.  Hosted by rising Chicago comedian, Dave Helem, this event will feature some of Chicago’s best comedians, Taneshia Rice of Comedy Central’s Hart of the City, Calvin Evans of Comedy Central’s Hart of the City and, Shameless and Drew Frees of The Second City and UP Comedy Club. Featuring music from SoLo TheDweeb. For questions about this event please contact Ciera McKissick at amfmmag@gmail.com.


Scare You Very Much
Friday October 28th, 7-11pm
CAD West
1932 South Halsted #101 

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