Resident Artists

Chicago Art Department residents apply for residencies lasting 12 months. The application process provides a clear set of project work, goals for their time at CAD, and ways to make the most of their time. Beyond identifying goals for artists, the residency application further helps CAD prepare to support each artists individual goals and needs. As a result, any CAD Resident Artist starts their residency with specific ideas in mind, and a plan in place. CAD aims to work with 20 resident artists per calendar year, so we often have a waiting list for residency applicants. Our residency year starts and ends in the spring of every year, which is when we undergo a “recruitment and retention” campaign, to determine which CAD residents will be returning for another year (returning residents have priority to continue time at CAD), and to find out if any residencies will be ending thereby opening up space for new candidates.

If you are interested in knowing more about our residencies or applications, please visit our Programs Page or Resident Artist Application page, both will tell you more about what we do. If you have questions about this program or any other part of CAD, please contact Director Mike Nourse at [email protected]