Chicago Art Department’s Residency Program aims to support growth opportunities for artists through 12 month terms. As part of the application process, artists are asked to identify goals for their practice, strategies for community engagement,  and plans for exhibitions and events. At the end of each 12 month term, resident artists revisit goals to identify areas of growth while defining next steps for their practice – at CAD or elsewhere.

Goals for Resident Artists
1) To create new steps and growth through connections with other artists.
2) To engage in learning opportunities led by CAD residents and hosted by CAD.
3) To reflect on process and practice, and improve as a creative professional. 

Requirements for Resident Artists
1) To develop new works through 12 months of studio practice.
2) To show new works in exhibitions, and interact with a public audience.
3) To participate in monthly meetings and critical discussions.

Subsidized Monthly Fees
If accepted for a residency, CAD resident artists pay subsidized, monthly fees of $250. In exchange for the monthly fee, artists have 24/7 access to CAD’s studio space, galleries to curate/host exhibitions, event spaces, and support to take home 100% of sales/profits/revenue from any resident-led programs.

Residency Application Process
CAD’s next residency year begins May 1st, 2018 and runs until April 2019. As of November 2017, we’ll be accepting applications for residents interested in a shorter residency through April 2018. Application is below, please contact CAD Director Mike Nourse with any questions at [email protected]