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Street Canvas Project





MIGUEL AGUILAR (Spring 2016)

With the CAD Street Canvas Project (SCP) we aim to showcase voices often found in the fringe but speaking to valuable histories from Chicago and beyond. The SCP is driven to feature a variety of artists and practices, so we welcome applications of all kinds. Our selection team will be meeting in the middle of March to curate this upcoming opportunity.

While we seek specific support for this project, we can offer any exhibiting artist is the opportunity along with (1) marketing and promotions through CAD’s online networks, (2) 24-7 visibility on a busy street including specific lights for the wall at night, (3) a prominent place for 2nd Friday events which draw hundreds of people each month, and (4) undying support from the CAD community!

If you are interested in this opportunity please apply below. Also, this form will NOT work on a mobile phone! Please use a real computer…and make sure to press “Submit” when done, thank  you!