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December 9, 6-10pm



Make/Sale is our third annual maker market showcasing talented local creatives, small business owners and artists. It’s one night celebration of DIY culture, a thoughtfully curated commerce gallery.

Come shop local this holiday season. We’ll have live music by Tiffany Wong, customized poems by Poems While You Wait, baked goods by Caffe Baci, warm cider, photo booth with our own reindeer Stella¬†and lots of free laughs. Get a head start on gift shopping with our awesome vendors:


Caroline Robe

Little Wings Design

Allison Mooney

Urban Wild Studio

Tiffany Wong

Pure Principles


Glamrock Jewelry



Caffe Baci

Open Books


Bird Trouble

Marian Castro-Palanyk Ceramics

Peter Gaona



Alyssa Martinez

and more…

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