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Jorge Hinojosa

IT guy by day, a visionary by night, art is a central point of Hinojosa’s existence as he aspires to speak fluently through his creations. His current works explore the medium of wood-working, which also places an emphasis on nature and the art of nurturing our true potential. A storyteller at heart, Hinojosa created Eres Hoja, a project that focuses on the many facets of individuality within the realm of art. The beauty of the project is its unwavering ability to inspire continued growth; every piece is custom made to serve a purpose and tell a story. The artist hopes to take Eres Hoja to new heights by making it more of a collaborative endeavor that will continue to take many forms as the years progress. Hinojosa is driven by more than just his mere love for the craft; he’s driven by the very concept that art nourishes you, it sustains you.

Contact Jorge at: [email protected]