iPhone therefore iArt | January 2010

Last Minute and Welcome Addition

"iPhone Therefore iArt" is the culmination of a class led by Chicago artist Mike Nourse, offered by the Chicago Art Department which features ten local artists who met weekly, working towards a completed project in areas such as photo, digital sketching (finger painting), animation, sound, and video. In addition to local artists, CAD program coordinator Mike Nourse brought in national and international iPhone artists from as far away as Russia, Norway, Spain, France, and Germany. The end-result is a comprehensive look at this digital tool and some of its artistic possibilities. photography by mARTa Sasinowska

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Nathan Peck Art Nathan Peck Talking about art... Enjoying the View Surprised by How Good iPhone Art Is... Over 700 people! Love is in the iAir Happy Man Conversations are Alive Helping at the Bar, with Old Style Lots of People Hey My Wife is one of the Artists! Photographer gets her photo taken! Melissa Porter with Friends Sarah and Arielle Feeny! Sandy and her art came from Detroit! 9 Weeks Old Cake by Ryan Bockenfeld. No charge for amazing. Feeny and YV Cake iCon Seth Gershberg Ania Sodziak Enjoying the iCake Things are looking up Gallery Window Area iCurate Art Shows Dominic says A-O-K He forgot the battery The Machinist shows up Edyta and Chelsea