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Sat May 13, 2017


The Crystal Ball is an evening of art, performance, and learning celebrating CAD’s current resident artists, our vibrant community, and our vision for the coming year. The main event will happen from 7-9pm, with an after party from 9-11pm. A ticket to the main event gives you access to the entire evening, while doors for the discounted after-party open at 9pm. You may attend the earlier, later, or both parts of the evening.

This year, as the event falls on Mother’s Day weekend, the artwork shown will tie into maternal themes celebrating artists who are mothers and work connected to motherhood and feminine identity. Guests will enjoy live workshops, ample food and beverage, and a world class collection of art and other silent auction items. We foresee a dazzling night for all!


***SPECIAL NOTE FOR ATTENDEES*** If you’re driving, anticipate some difficulty parking that evening, as Halsted will be closed between 18th and Canalport. See a full description of the closings here. Even with Halsted closed, you’ll still enter our building on Halsted (1932).

Our friends at Renegade Craft Fair are hosting an awesome free event Crystal Ball weekend (that you should definitely check out), but it will likely create extra traffic in the area and result in the street closures Saturday evening.

Walsh Elementary at 2015 S. Peoria has kindly offered their parking lot for Crystal Ball guests, South Jordan Court behind our building will be open for drop-offs or parking, and the Halsted bus will still be running, just re-routing at 18th and Canalport.


Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams is a visual artist who trained as an architect. A graduate of Cornell University, and a native of Chicago’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood, she is interested in how combining art and architecture might help make all parts of cities thrive. Her work spans the fields of painting, installation, and photography, and reflects the cultural relationship between color, race, and space. In addition to her visual arts practice, which includes traditional paintings, cut paper maps, and public art, Amanda has served as an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and is currently a visiting faculty member at Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Art and Design in St. Louis, Mo.

Amanda is a sought-after lecturer, and has participated widely in individual and group shows, including an entry in the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial, and forthcoming exhibitions at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, The Arts Club of Chicago and the MCA Chicago. She is based in Chicago.


The Crystal Ball will feature work and activities from:

Abraham Velázquez Tello
Alex Prexta

Azadeh Gholizadeh
Brandon Breaux
Candace Hunter
Caroline Liu
Carris Adams
Charles Heppner
Dale Washington
Dana Major
Delicious Design League + Tyler Deal
Dud Lawson
Edyta Stepien
Free Write Arts & Literacy
Galina Shevchenko
Georgina Valverde + Documents Bureau
Gunjan Kumar
Jerry Koepp
Jess Myers
John Preus
Jordan Bosman
Jorge Hinojosa
Judy Denson
Kahala Elizabeth
Kevin Blake
Lester Rey
DJ LO Kari
Poems While You Wait
Katie Wallace Clark
Kent Henderson
Kim Alpert
Marta Sasinowska
Melissa Bradley
Nat Soti
Norman Teague
POUND Jewelry
Rachel L.S. Harper
Raub Welch
Rhonda Wheatley
Rodrigo Lara Zendejas
Chef Ryan Bockenfeld
Shelby Rodeffer
John A. Walsh Math and Science Academy
Zach Overstreet


Crystal Ball is supported by:

The Calamity
Yvolina’s Tamales
Thompson Chicago
Chicago Athletic Association
Boka Restaurant Group
Southwest Airlines
Chicago Bulls
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Wolves
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Joffrey Ballet
Goodman Theatre
Lookingglass Theatre
Writers Theatre
The Second City’s UP Comedy Club
Laugh Factory
ComedySportz Chicago
Lettuce Entertain You
Lou Malnati’s
Eli’s Cheesecake
City Winery
Chicago Distilling Company
CH Distillery
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Revolution Brewery
Bold Dog Beer Company
Marz Community Brewing
Presence St. Joseph Hospital
Maggie Litgen
GingerSlam Nail Bar
Open Books


WHO: You!
WHAT: 2nd Annual Crystal Ball Fundraiser
WHERE: Chicago Art Department, 1932 South Halsted
WHEN: Saturday May 13, 7-11pm
HOW: Ticket options listed below or at bit.ly/crystalball2017




VERY enthusiastic thanks to:


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