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As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, CAD actively seeks program support in the areas of (1) artist development, (2) learning, (3) community projects, (4) partnerships, and (5) exhibitions. We welcome all levels of donations to support any part of what we do, and any contributions are tax deductible. If you would like to be recognized for specific program support, please contact CAD Director Mike Nourse at [email protected]  Thank you!


CAD EAST- 1932 South Halsted #100, 
Chicago, IL 60608
CAD WEST -1932 South Halsted #101, Chicago, IL 60608
312-725-4CAD (4223)

CAD HOURS are by appointment. If you would like to arrange a visit please reach out to the resident artist/contact listed for any show/event, call the hotline above, or email any of the following.



Mike Nourse, Director (Residency Program, Gallery Curating, Partnerships)
[email protected]

Nat Soti, CAD Video Production Work + MacArthur Foundation Project 
[email protected]

Kent Henderson, CAD Print Programs (Letterpress and Print studio)
[email protected]

Nathan Peck, CAD Learning, Program, and Development consultant
[email protected]

Dud Lawson, CAD Social Media (Social Communication)
[email protected]

Edyta Stepien, CAD Exhibitions (Gallery Support)
[email protected]

Marta Sasinowska, CAD Exhibitions (Make Sale)
[email protected]

Regin Igloria, Chris Hales’ Resident Education Scholar (Learning)
[email protected]

Chelsea Ross, CAD Program Coordinator (Gallery and Development Support)
[email protected]